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Eugene S. - Gaithersburg, MD
Balanced Motion Physical Therapy Clients
S.F. - Potomac, MD
I am an athlete. I played tackle football until I was 38 and I played soccer, competitive volleyball and ran until I was 45 when I suffered another herniated disk and faced my third back surgery (L4/L5 laminectomy) in 20 years (my first when I was 22). Following this surgery, I wasn’t healing at nearly the rate I had after my second laminectomy 5 years earlier, and then I started to suffer from excruciating pain. My symptoms wouldn’t allow me to sit for longer than an hour, and sometimes I would feel and hear a “snap” deep in my left hip. The resulting pain was so intense that I would black out for several seconds. Consequently, I avoided any movement that would trigger that “snap.” I saw two different physical therapists who recognized that something was wrong, but they did not have a solution, and my pain worsened.  

My doctor recommended that I visit Suzanne McIntyre. At my first visit, Suzanne used the full hour to assess my condition from head to toe. She designed a treatment program that included manual manipulation of my legs, shoulders, back, and hips; and she prescribed a stretching and exercise program specifically suited to my condition. I saw her on a weekly basis for six months, and while she worked, I asked tons of questions about my pain, my muscles, and her treatment methods. She thoroughly and patiently answered my questions in layman’s terms. I faithfully did my part and did the exercises she prescribed. She continued to evaluate and adjust my program as my body grew stronger.

I saw improvement from the first week, and I continued to get better. Last fall I was able to hit fly balls to my son’s high school baseball team, coach my daughters' volleyball team, and do other activities I never thought I would be able to do again. This past summer, I even played Vintage Baseball and was able to steal and safely slide into second base. Suzanne’s treatment has restored my body, eradicated my pain, and vastly improved my life. I cannot overstate my confidence in her abilities. 
Balanced Motion Physical Therapy takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
Back pain!  Neck pain!  Knee pain!  No matter what's hurting, Suzanne gets me thru it.  And believe me, after 30 plus years of dancing, I am a physical challenge.

Her ability to not only listen to me but feel the troubled areas on my body is amazing.  She has a vast knowledge of physical treatment and is always attending classes to widen that base.  It has always been a positive experience and outcome working with her.  She has been given the gift of healing, and she embraces that gift by her endless desire to help people physically live their lives to the very best possible.

I am living life again because of her, and I am blessed to have her take care of me.